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Marco Pot (TEXT)

terracotta, copper
dia.94*59(mm) / dia.150*95(mm)
izawa seito co.,ltd.
concept making, product design, art direction, web direction
yoshikazu shiraki

Izawa Seito
The company 'Izawa Seito' creates unglazed pots in Hekinan City, Aichi Prefecture. Unglazed pots have superior air permeability and moisture control. These “breathing pots” are particularly required by indoor plants separated from their natural environment. We have attempted to make an appropriately shaped pot suited to modern living environments.

Marco Pot
The plants can sprout, and flowers can bloom freely. The angle of the MarcoPot changes in response to the plant, so it can lean according to the expression of the plant and orientation of the sun. Copper raw materials were used in the saucer, because of the high bacterial resistance of copper and its ability to minimize the growth of bacteria and insects. The pedestal of the saucer ensures ventilation. Attention was paid to its size, which makes it easy to place on the dining table, in the kitchen, or on a desk or bookshelf.

About the clay / Tokoname
The red soil used for “Tokoname-Yaki,” which you are familiar with from its use in teapots and teacups, is baked at a high temperature, thereby refining and smoothening its texture. Like a vessel that enhances the appearance of the food, this pot brings out the beauty of your plants.

German Design Award - Nominee (Germany, 2019)

Marco Pot Marco Pot