三本脚のドロワー 三本脚のドロワー 三本脚のドロワー 三本脚のドロワー 三本脚のドロワー

三本脚のドロワー (TEXT)

maple, steel, glass
--- (prototype)

We believe that simplicity is not merely an act of “subtraction” to eliminate waste, but rather is something born out of the minimal “addition” of those elements that are really necessary. The three-legged drawer is not merely the result of removing the outer casing and one leg of a regular drawer. Traditional drawers are designed with grooves and rails on the left and right sides, hidden in an outer casing. The three-legged drawer, in contrast, does not require this heavy-looking outer casing and moves the groove and rail to the bottom center of the drawer. Good stability is achieved by aligning the center of gravity of the triangle viewed from above with the center of gravity of the square drawers. Here, the drawer groove also acts as a “handle” and functions as a “design” inducing drawing action. Thus, several functions are derived from a single structure. Here is a product that has achieved minimal addition through a balanced “one-way only” mutual interaction consisting solely of components that have been exhaustingly investigated. The neatly-stacked squares appear to float above one another, expressing a distinct symbolism.

IFDA 2021, Silver Leaf Prize (second prize)

“Wooden furniture is a fascinating creative practice in a world where we are surrounded by industrial production. In an increasingly common design language, it is with furniture that craftsmen can set themselves apart. (snip) The Silver Leaf winner with the three legged drawer resonated very highly with me. The drawer sat between design and art in its function. The appearance rather fragile, but very bold in its presence possess great potential for commercial success”. (Referenced from Michael Young's comment: one of judges)