Cabinet Desk Cabinet Desk Cabinet Desk Cabinet Desk Cabinet Desk Cabinet Desk Cabinet Desk

Cabinet Desk (TEXT)

maple / walnut
wood, coated steel, brass
sugikojo co.,ltd.
concept making, product design

Sugikojo was established in Ukiha City, Fukuoka Prefecture in 1886. It began by manufacturing school desks, chairs, exercise equipment, and playground equipment, and its current leading products are study desks. Because Sugikojo wants you to use these desks for a long time, they refer to them not as “study desks,” but as “desks,” using the English pronunciation.

Various concerns and contradictions were identified through repeated dialog with various people ranging from teachers, students, and caregivers to the on-site staff and sales staff at Sugikojo. This birthed the furniture series concept “Familia,” furniture specialized for but not limited to learning activities that can be used by everyone in the family.

Cabinet Desk
To create a desk appropriate for living room study, an increasing trend in recent years, it was proposed that the desk have a “piano-like presence.” Pianos in the living room are more than a musical instrument. They foster sensibilities and coexist with the family. When the lid is closed, they emanate silence, and instill the space with character and a gentle quality. They wanted their study desks to do the same.

The full size was designed considering its presence in the living room, how it will be used, and the size of standard textbooks. When the flat panel is opened, it becomes a desk, and when closed, it is not a desk, but a cabinet in which textbooks and reference books that tend to become disorganized can be stored. Relaxation helps sustain concentration; thus, a footrest (removable) has been installed. A composite sheet of melamine and aluminum has been used in parts that tend to become dirty from contact with the hands and feet. Using steel in the legs and minimizing the storage partition has enhanced its lightness and versatility as a cabinet.

Cabinet Desk Cabinet Desk Cabinet Desk Cabinet Desk